Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Fianco a Fianco” mean?

“Fianco a fianco” is Italian for “side by side.” We use this phrase because it evokes the partnership between the cookies and the wine or other beverage they are meant to be savored alongside. It also refers to the unique intermingling of flavors within each cookie.

Is this biscotti?

Not the kind with which you’re probably familiar—oblong, twice-baked, crunchy, and great for dipping into warm beverages. Fianco a Fianco’s cookies only run through the oven once, and depending on their ingredient composition, their textures range from semi-soft to crunchy, with most varieties having a mouthfeel similar to shortbread.

Our first flavor, Biscottini al Pesto, was developed in Genoa, Italy, where cookies of all stripes are described as biscottini. At first we tried to apply this term to all our flavors, but after too much confusion we determined it would be easier for an American audience if we referred to them as “shortbread-style” cookies.

How long is their shelf life?

All cookies have an optimal sealed shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture (this date and the “best by” date are stamped on the package). Once opened, the cookies can last 1.5-2 weeks as long as the bag’s internal zipper seal is used. (We rarely, however, hear of these treats surviving that long without being devoured!) At no point do they require refrigeration.

If you want more crunch (or warmth) from the bag you’ve selected, we invite you to heat them up for 5-8 minutes in a 350 degree F oven.

What inspired these unique flavors?

Learn about the Italian adventure that sparked our first flavor, Biscottini al Pesto. Additional creations were dreamed up around each cookie’s featured cheese and through (tasty) trial and error.

How many flavors do you carry?

We offer 10 unique and tasty flavors! However, as of early 2014, only Belato, Bruno, Cherry Cheddar Cinnamon, Gouda Bene, and Monte Bianco can be purchased by the bag. If your favorite flavor is not one of the five, don’t fret! You can still order them, just in larger quantities (six-bag minimum). Retailers: you may still order all 10 flavors wholesale (contact us for minimums and pricing).

Do you have a storefront?

Our main storefront is this website! Our cookies can also be found at these fine stores.

I’m interested in carrying your product. How do I become a wholesaler?

We’d love to add you to our growing list of retailers around the country! Please contact us for wholesale pricing and policies.

Do you cater or create party favors?

We are happy to provide cookies on catering trays or as part of an event favor or goodie bag.  Working with individual clients allows for further customization. We are happy to work with you to build cookies that highlight your favorite cheeses, herbs, nuts, fruits, or other ingredients. As of August 2014 catering of loose cookies is on hold, but party favors can still easily be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Do you make any dairy-free varieties? What about gluten-free? And about those nuts…

It is ironic that a lactose-intolerant baker (with a family filled with lactose-intolerant individuals!) makes cookies resplendent with cheese (and butter)!  At this time, all cookies continue to feature dairy items (and if you’re wondering, most of the lactose-intolerant among us don’t have any trouble digesting them). Some people who do not eat cows’ milk are pleased with the Belato (goat cheese, cajeta, lavender), which features goat chevre. Likewise, Fetta di ‘Lupo (feta, dried cantaloupe, almonds) features traditional feta made with sheep’s milk.  However, both of these flavors still include butter made from cows’ milk.

All of the cookies contain wheat flour; at this time, there are no plans for gluten-free options—we leave that to the experts who know how to craft with the various alternative flours and can do so in a safe kitchen space not contaminated by wheat products.

All of our cookie bags have an allergen warning on the back. Cookies that contain nuts prominently state this on the front label, ingredient list, and allergen label. The cookies are produced on shared equipment in a facility where other nut-containing products are manufactured. Those with severe nut allergies who are afraid of cross contamination are advised to not ingest Fianco a Fianco’s products.

Where are the cookies made?

Due to a family move, the cookies are now being made sporadically in a NJ-based commercial kitchen. Thank you for your patience while our lives get sorted out!

My question isn’t on this list…

Then please contact us so we can answer it!

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